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Conditions générales de vente


This website is operated by DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH. Please read these conditions of use and participation carefully. By using the website you are indicating your acceptance of the conditions. If you disagree fully or partly with the conditions, we would kindly request that you leave the website.


This website may only be used by persons who have come of age and are resident in Germany. Information or details concerning persons who have not come of age which appear on this website or in the database contrary to these conditions and despite control mechanisms will be deleted. Use of the website is only possible following the entry of a person-specific password. The password is only intended for personal use and may under no circumstances be passed on to third parties. The user is responsible for keeping his/her password confidential. Actions undertaken using an email address and password shall be deemed to be actions of the user. As soon as you become aware of unauthorised use of your password or some other unauthorised use of your data, you must inform DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH without delay, using the address info@dannemann.de or by telephone to our service line on 00 800 20 20 20 25. By entering your personal data on this website, you give your consent to Dannemann El noble Cigarro GmbH using, collecting, storing and processing this data for the respective purpose specified. You can withdraw the consent granted to Dannemann at any time (by email to info@dannemann.de or by telephone to 00 800 20 20 20 25). Please also take note of the further advice provided under the heading of data protection. Any form of misuse of this website is forbidden. The user undertakes not to send or use any photographic, sound or text material which breaches the rights of third parties or statutory provisions. All users hereby also agree that they will not send any unsolicited advertising or other undesired photographic, sound or text material (spam) or any electronic volume messages that could restrict the operation or use of this website by other users. If a user contravenes these conditions of use or breaches the DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH data protection provisions, DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH may block the user's usage of this website at any time without advanced notice.


We cannot guarantee that information on this website is completely up-to-date; further, it is also possible that this website is not available at all times, for example on account of maintenance work, or that errors may occur in the transmission of data and content. Any liability of DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH in respect of compensation for damages and/or reimbursement of expenses, on whatever legal grounds and in all cases insofar as it is at fault, shall be restricted in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph. In cases of simple (slight) negligence, DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH shall not be liable for compensation for damages and/or reimbursement of expenses unless there is a breach of a fundamental duty (that is to say, a duty which if not fulfilled would prevent the due performance of the contract in the first place and which one can expect will be regularly fulfilled); in this case, the liability of DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH is however limited to the reimbursement of typically foreseeable, damages and expenditure. Insofar as the liability of Dannemann is excluded or restricted in terms of cause or amount, this shall also apply to the personal liability of the employees, legal representatives and vicarious agents of DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH. The above liability restrictions do not apply to liability relating to intent or gross negligence, for breaches of any guarantee taken over by Dannemann or in the case of death, physical injury or injury to health. Liability in accordance with the Product Liability Act is also unaffected by the above liability restrictions. Statutory provisions in respect of the burden of proof are unaffected by the liability restrictions.


All copyrights, trademark rights or other commercial protection rights on this website belong to DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH or its licensors. The user has no rights on this website with the exception of the restricted right of use in compliance with the stated conditions. The copying of material protected by copyright, in particular the use of texts, text extracts or photographic material protected by copyright requires the prior consent of DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH. All photographic, sound or text material that users of DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH transmit may be freely used by the latter without timing, spatial or material restrictions. This includes the authority to amend this material. The user is not required to be identified.


DANNEMANN EL NOBLE CIGARRO GMBH reserves the right to at any time modify these conditions of use with future effect.

Conditions of use as at 31.08.2015.