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ADOPT A TREE PROGRAMMEour responsibility to our TERRA

Mother Nature is both our partner & our provider. Sadly in the last century the rainforests of Brazil have been devastated by commercial activities. While we have not been responsible for the historic damage, it is our responsibility to ensure we protect and rejuvenate the native flora & fauna on TERRA DANNEMANN and set an example to others in the surrounding Mata Atlântica region. Only by taking an active and immediate approach can we hope to protect our precious environment.

Our Legacy

the future of Mata Atlântica

There are four main ecological regions in Brazil, and TERRA DANNEMANN is located in part of the Mata Atlântica region. Not only is this the oldest region with a diverse flora & fauna, but also the most endangered, with only 5% of the area is still covered with its original vegetation.

In 2001 TERRA DANNEMANN set up an ambitious reforestation programme called ADOPT A TREE with the sole aim to return great swathes of barren land to a thriving natural habitat for our local plants and wildlife. In so doing this will benefit not only the environment but we hope it will encourage others in the region to create similar initiatives for even greater impact.

Our Approach

21st century agronomy for the good of our environment

After centuries of cultivation we have learned how best to care for our tobacco crops. We use a mixture of traditional agriculture and cutting edge agronomy on our plantation to ensure each tobacco type enjoys the optimum conditions to thrive.
When reforesting the local region we take a similar holistic approach. We have a catalogue of over 66 different native species of trees, shrubs, climbers & ground cover to ensure we have a diverse eco system which mimics the ancient forest composition.
For millennia forests have naturally managed their own seeding & growth. As we attempt to repair the damage done by others we must help smaller seedlings to become established. Gone is the protective canopy of the larger tree species, sheltering the smaller plants from the heat and retaining moisture within the ground. This protection is instead provided by our own staff who water and tend to saplings for the first 5 years of their time within our reforestation region.

This time consuming but necessary commitment ensures all of the plants become established sufficiently to flourish and go on to form an integral part of the recovering forest.


the future of Mata Fina

Click on the link left to view a live stream from the Mata Atlântica. The camera is currently situated in the newest area to be reforested and you can follow in real time as visitors to TERRA DANNEMAN in Bahia adopt trees on our plantation. You will probably also catch a glimpse of our team as they continue to water and tend the saplings while they become established. Over time the camera will be moved to different areas of the plantation where you will see just how well the land is recovering thanks to the support of the adopt a tree programme. We look forward to seeing you back "virtually" to check on the progress of this important project in the weeks & months ahead.

The Future

the success of the programme relies on everyone

To date more than 70,000 trees have been adopted as part of this programme, and we are seeing native wildlife returning to the region and reestablishing, but there is still much to do.

When you visit with us in Bahia, we would like to invite you to ADOPT A TREE. We do not ask for any financial commitment, simply to have our TERRA in your mind as you go about your daily business. When you adopt we will send you a certificate to thank you for your support, and annual email updates on your plant and the ongoing success of the programme.

Our TERRA is an incredible place but today it desperately needs our support. We envisage that our ADOPT A TREE programme will continue for many generations to come, a commitment which we are only to happy make to ensure the future of our environment.

Your Tree

safe in our care

Just a quick note to all of our adopters, firstly thank you once again from the Mata Fina region. Your adoption is so important to us and to our TERRA.

Please click on the link below to find out more about your tree, and to learn more about the other species which are planted alongside it.

Please bear with us as we are updating the information contained on the links. We have over 70,000 adopted trees (and counting) so it’s taking us a little time.

Contact us

any questions?

If you have any questions about our ADOPT A TREE programme or about your own tree, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.